Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#222. Scientific Method using M&M's

Science, level: Middle
Posted by Kim George (philomathg.peachnet).
scientific method
East Cobb Middle School, Marietta, GA
Materials Required: M&M's
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Applying the scientific method to a problem

Have each student bring in a bag of M&M's. Give each student a copy of the scientific method. First students will need to come up a problem. Tell students that the school is conducting a study on the colors of M&M's. The problem is that you want to know the most dominant color of M&M. Next have students make a prediction. What color M&M is the most dominant? Allow students to group their M&M's according to color and write down this information. Use this information to devise a T table and then analyze the data by having students graph their results. Make sure they give their graph a title and label the X & Y axis. Last...come to a conclusion. They either accept or reject their hypothesis. Now it's time to eat!!