Grade: Elementary

#2220. Bingo! I know!

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Apr 20 21:45:06 PDT 2001 by Angie Reninger (
Cedarville Universtiy Student, Cedarville, Ohio USA
Materials Required: Bingo Boards, Bingo Markers/Chips Word Cards
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dolch Words

Bingo! I know!!

Grade Level: First Grade Approximate Time: 20 minutes

Practice identifying ten Dolch words and classmates names by marking each word when called by teacher.
Review the spellings of ten Dolch words and names of classmates by writing the words in the boxes of the Bingo boards.
Practice writing skills by writing in the boxes.
Practice listening skills by being attentive when teacher reads words.
Practice oral reading by saying the words that were used at the end of a round of Bingo.

Materials Needed:
Bingo Board Worksheets Pencils Pennies or Marker Chips Word Cards
Large Hat (for extension activity) Books Paper

Prerequisite learning: Introduce the ten Dolch words that will be used. Review the spelling of the names of the students in the class.

Step 1: Students write the ten Dolch words in ten of the boxes on their Bingo board worksheets. The fill the remaining boxes with names of students in the class.
Step 2: The teacher writes the words and names on the word cards and puts the cards in the hat.
Step 3: The teacher pulls one card at a time and reads the word to the class. The students identify the word on their boards by marking the space with a penny or chip.
Step 4: The first student to have five marked words in a row yells Bingo. That student then reads the five words he or she marked.
Step 5: The teacher then holds up the word cards that he or she drew one at a time. The entire class then reviews the used words by reading them aloud as they are held up.
*The game is repeated until all of the words have been used, or as time permits.

Extension Activity:
With a partner, find sentences in classroom books that use the sight words. One student should read the sentence. The other should write the sentence. Take turns writing and reading.

Students will have correctly written all of the words on their Bingo boards.
Students will be able to correctly read nine of the ten Dolch words when given a flash card test by the teacher.