Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#2226. Protozoans on Parade

Science, level: Senior
Posted Sat Apr 21 12:13:48 PDT 2001 by Sue L. Burrell (
Northside High School, Warner Robins, GA USA
Materials Required: art supplies, research materials
Activity Time: 1 week
Concepts Taught: protozoan research

Designing a collector's postage stamp

Objective: Design a postage stamp to commemorate your assigned protozoan.

Materials: Textbook, library books, diagrams, paper, pens, colored pencils, note cards, colored markers, unlined paper, construction paper, scrapbook scissors, glue, assorted art supplies.

(1) Research your assigned protozoan using reference books, journals, or Internet. You must utilize at least two (2) research sources. (10 points)
(2) The postage stamp of your protist must be the size of of a 3 x 5 note card. Be sure to include the appropriate background for your protist, i.e., dirt, water, other microscopic organisms. The scientific name of your protozoan must be included on the stamp. You can draw your protist stamp or it may be a picture from a web site you used in your research. Using the scrapbook scissors cut the edges of your note card to resemble a real postage stamp. Neatness counts!! (20 points)
(3) On a separate note card, type a brief description of your protozoan. Your description must include the protozoan's lifestyle (10 points), habitat (10 points), uses and or diseases (10 points) and any two (2) other unique features about your protozoan you wish to include. (20 points)
(4) Place both note cards on a piece of 8 x 11 colored paper for display. Your name should be in the bottom right hand corner of the colored paper. On the back of the colored paper, you must include the resources you used for your protozoan research. (10 points)
(5) After both note cards and your name are placed on the colored paper, you must then create a visually attractive page for your protozoan. This may include, but is not limited to borders, font styles, additional pictures, colored frames for text, etc. (10 points)
(6) Postage stamps will be displayed.

Sue L. Burrell