Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#2231. Let's Talk Birds!

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 21 18:35:42 PDT 2001 by Charity Carpenter (
God's Bible School (Student), Cincinnati, OH
Materials Required: See Materials below
Activity Time: Can be done as a series or in a day
Concepts Taught: Listening and Identifying

I. Objectives:
Identify birds by seeing them and
Identify different birds by their calls.

II. Materials:
Compact Disc player
CD of bird calls
Chalk Board
Pictures of birds
Computer Lab
GeoSafari Animals computer game

III. Introduction:
Did you ever hear a bird and wonder what sound it made? I am going to play this
Compact disc and let's see who can tell me what bird it is.

IV. Transition:
Today we are going to learn how to identify birds by their outward appearances
and by their sounds.

V. Sequence of Activities:
Now I want you to tell me some of the birds you know you see in your back yard.
One at a time please, and raise your hands! (List the birds on the board.) Now tell me
what color these birds are. (List the colors by the names on the board.) Ok, now I am
going to hold up some pictures of some birds and let's see who can tell me what kind of
bird it is! (The pictures are of a cardinal, chick-a-dee, mockingbird, crow, trumpeter
swan, Canadian goose, bobwhite, sparrow, scarlet macaw, woodpecker, mourning dove,
and great horned owl.) (Hold up pictures, the one's they don't know as well go over
again.) Now we are going to go over the cards again, and this time I am going to play the
songs these birds sing.
Now you are going to do a fun worksheet! I want you to match the names of the
birds with the birds in the picture. Don't forget to put your name and today's date at the
top!!! If you finish the matching, you can get out your crayons and color the birds the
colors you see them in your backyard. (Allow twenty minutes for the worksheet)

VI. Closure:
Ok, class, is everyone finished with their worksheet? Great!! Now we are going to
do something fun!! We are going to go on a walk and see if we can identify the birds we
see and hear!! Everyone line up, QUIETLY!!!! We don't want to disturb the other classes
who are working so hard!! Straight line, please! (Take a walk around the school grounds
and identify birds.) Now we are going to go to the computer lab and do a game on the
computer about bird calls! ( Take the students to the lab and have them play GeoSafari
Animals Bird Calls game.)