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#2234. Basketball 2001

Games, level: Senior
Posted Mon Apr 23 21:52:21 PDT 2001 by Sayed Moosa Alkhabbaz (
Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, AR
Materials Required: computers connected to the Internet

Basketball 2001 Sayed Moosa Alkhabbaz Instructional Technology majorArkansas Tech University
For age 14 and upThis lesson plan is 3 hrs long

Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion

Basketball is one of the most interesting sports in the world; some said it is the second sport after soccer. It require a high physical efforts, strength, intelligence, and improvement to keep up with it. This lesson is aiming to encourage students to practice and play basketball. It also will give students the opportunity to improve their computer skills, especially in Word processor and PowerPoint, and improve search skills on the net.
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The Task
Your job will be:
History: Write four complete paragraphs about the history of the basketball telling for instance, how it began to this moment plus at least 10 different websites supporting what you are saying.
Rules: Write at least 30 rules of the basketball, for instance, how many players, how many replacements for basketball coach can have? The weight of the basketball ball, plus a website supporting these rules.
Standards: Write at least 10 standards of basketball, for instance, the size of the basketball field, high of the rings... plus a website reference.
Teams of the USA today: Write how many basketball teams in the US, not number. For instance, LA Lakers, plus a website reference.
Best team: Write the name of the best team in the US today, plus a website reference.
Best players: Write the name of the best basketball players today in the US, plus a website reference.
Champaign: The world Champaign the USA, plus a website reference.
Pictures: Get at least 12 pictures of the best player in the USA.
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Some helpful websites:

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The Process

Begin by either investigating the web sites listed in the resource section or by searching the answers on the net using any search engine that you feel comfortable with.
Write or copy & paste the answers in the word processor.
Format: Font size will be 12, headline 14, color the background in the word processor, neatness is necessary.
Summarize your finding and use PowerPoint to present your finding to your class.
Student will be evaluated based on completing the task and doing their presentation using PowerPoint.

You have a pretty good background and knowledge about basketball and how to play it. You can be either a referee for a basketball team with your friends or a player.

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