Grade: Elementary

#2237. Calling All Texans

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 25 08:52:13 PDT 2001 by Pat Skelton (
Wake Village Elementary, Wake Village, TX USA
Materials Required: Art Paper, Markers, Dictionary
Activity Time: 30-40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Combining Syllables with Texas Facts

Each student writes phone number in vertical line (math term!). Next to each number, the student will write word, phrase, or sentence about Texas; however, they can only use the amount of syllables that the number is.
Example: 4 armadillo
8 The Alamo is a mission.
This demonstrates skills in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, reading syllabication, and
allows me to know what they know about Texas.
With this activity, the students are involved in
math, science, reading, language arts, art, and social
This is a great culminating activity for the end of my Texas History classes.