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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Computer

#2243. Green Eggs And Ham Scavenger Hunt

Computer, level: Elementary
Posted Tue May 1 19:11:46 PDT 2001 by Dorie Johnston (
God's Bible School, Cincinnati, OH

Objectives: (TSWBAT)
1.Explore software (Green Eggs and Ham)
2.Answer questions on worksheet

1.Software -- Green Eggs and Ham by Living Books

Have any of you ever eaten green eggs and ham? Would you like to try it if given the chance? How would you feel if you saw green eggs and ham?

Well, today we are going to explore software named Green Eggs and Ham, and the boy on it does not want to try them. We are going to have a scavenger hunt and answer questions on a worksheet. The one who finds all the answers first will get a prize.

Sequence of Events:
1.Have your students turn on computers and insert CD.
2.Tell your students to run the CD.
3.Let them explore the software and listen to the book being read to them. Explain to them how it works and answers any questions they might have.
4.Tell them to have fun exploring and not to be afraid to investigate every item.
5.Hand out the worksheets.
6.Give directions. (Find the answers to the questions on the pages given. Look high and low for clues!)
7.Remind them that whoever finishes the worksheet first with all the correct answers get a prize.
8.Let them do the worksheet.
9.Give out prize.

There are many things to find on this program. It is important to pay close attention to directions. Did you all have fun with the scavenger hunt?

Grade the worksheets together. Let them have an M&M for every right answer.
Ask them some questions:
- What did you think of Green Eggs and Ham?
- When you were exploring what did you find?
-How was this useful to you?

Green Eggs and Ham Worksheet

Name ________________________
Date _________________________

Page 1
1.What does the sign say the boy is holding? ________________________________
2.What happens when you click on the man's hat? _________________________________________

Page 2
1.Find a lasso. Where was it? ___________________________________________
2.Find a duck. Where was it? ___________________________________________

Page 3
1.What happens when you click on the green ham? __________________________________________
2.Where are the 2 giraffe like creatures? (What did you have to click on?) __________________________________________________

Page 4
1.Where does the man say he does not like green eggs and ham? _______________________________
2.What happens when you click on the hat? _______________________________________________
3.Where is the reindeer? ___________________________________________

Page 5
1.Find the bird. Where is it? ___________________________________________
2.What happens when you click on the blue tree? ___________________________________________

Page 6
1.What color is the car? __________________________
2.What happens when you click on the black hat? ___________________________________________

Page 7
1.Find the bird. Where is it? _________________________________________________
2.What are the two animals in the car? _________________________________________

Page 8
1.What happens when you click on the little girl? __________________________________________
2.Find the bird. Where is it? __________________________________________________

Page 9
1.Where are they in this page? _________________________________________________

Page 10
1.What happens when you click on the man being rained on? ___________________________________________
2.What happens when you click on the girl with the blue hat? ___________________________________________

Page 11
1.What is the new animal on this page? _________________________________________
2.What happens when you click on the black hat? ______________________________________

Page 13
1.What happens when you click the red flag? _______________________________________________
2.Find the fish. Where is it? _______________________________________________

Answer Key

Page 1
1. Sam I Am
2. Sam I Am pops out

Page 2
1. Click on green hat
2. Click on the hat and it is under it

Page 3
1. Green ham spins around
2. Click on the tree trunk

Page 4
1. In a house, anywhere, here or there
2. Blows up like a balloon
3. Click on blue tree

Page 5
1. Click on red tree
2. 4 boys come out tallest to shortest

Page 6
1. Blue
2. Hat blows away

Page 7
1. Click on tree trunk
2. Fox and mouse

Page 8
1. Yells out the window and jumps up and down
2. In the smokestack of the train

Page 9
1. In a tunnel

Page 10
1. Wrings out his hat
2. Hat blows away

Page 11
1. Goat
2. Goat tries to eat it

Page 13
1. White bird flies by
2. Click on the anchor