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#2244. division painting

, level: Elementary
Posted Wed May 9 17:39:18 PDT 2001 by Marci (
Materials Required: paint and newspapers or paper
Activity Time: varies but atleast 30 min.
Concepts Taught: division with remainders

This is a hands on way to intro division with remainders for 3rd grade. Pour paint in egg cartons or paint trays for groups to share. Give each child a section of an old newspaper.
Students will fingerpaint to figure the answer and remainder.
12 divided by 5
Students dip their finger in the paint and make 5 dots representing 5 groups. They then go under that row and continue to make 5 more dots as they count up to 10. They then continue a new row counting 11 and 12. The answer is the equal amounts in each column. The remainders stand out in an incomplete row and extras in the columns.
1@ 2@ 3@ 4@ 5@
6@ 7@ 8@ 9@ 10@
11@ 12@
The answer would be 2 with a remainder of 2.
You could also use blocks or manipulatives but paint is a nice outside activity for a warm day.