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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#2247. State Facts

other, level: Middle
Posted Fri May 4 07:31:36 PDT 2001 by Theresa King (
50 states
Patoka CUSD #100, Patoka, IL USA
Materials Required: INTERNET, computer, word processing program, printer
Activity Time: 1-2 days
Concepts Taught: Research facts to compose a table and a short report

Objective: To give students to opportunity to use the Internet for research, and then using keyboarding skills, type an unbound report (5-paragraph) that gives 3 interesting facts about that state. Also prepare a table of facts from that state.

1. Go to the URL

2. Pick a state--other than our state.

3. Find the following information:

Capital city, state bird, state flower, state nickname, largest cities in state, other.

4.Using the above information, write a 5-paragraph report that lists 3 facts about that state. You may include pictures. You should include a header with the state name and page numbers and a footer with your name and the URLs where you got all of your information.