Grade: Elementary
Subject: Games

#2250. Which word has the sticker

Games, level: Elementary
Posted Sun May 6 18:04:33 PDT 2001 by Thekla (
Materials Required: Flashcards, Stickers
Activity Time: As long as you wish
Concepts Taught: Learning spelling words

I learnt this game during a practicum from a wonderful Kindergarten teacher. This literacy game is best suited to the lower primary years (K-2). I have used it many times with the Kindergarten/Year One age group and the children have enjoyed it, always asking if we can play it.

Preparation: Write numerous spelling words appropriate to their ability on seperate flashcards. One word per flashcard. I would suggest you try to laminate them so you can re-use them.

1. Have the children sit in a circle. Choose 10 or so flashcards, depending on the size of your group, read thm with the children and place them face up (so they can see the word) in the centre of the circle.

2. Get the children to close their eyes, watching those who peek. While they aren't watching place a sticker underneath one flashcard so that it is hidden.

3. Choose selected children to choose a word from the centre. They point to the word then say it (some may need prompting)and once they say the word correctly can turn over the card to see it the sticker is underneath.

4. If the sticker is underneath the card, they keep it and you start again. If the sticker is not there, they turn the card over so the word is facing down and another child gets to try and guess where the sticker is.

You can keep playing this game until they get sick of it. Excellent for casual teachers, who may use their own chosen words.