Grade: Elementary

#2256. Animals in the Almanac

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue May 15 18:30:36 PDT 2001 by Christina Barrons (
Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio, USA
Materials Required: World Almanac for Kids
Activity Time: 30 minutes

Christina Barrons
Title: Animals in the Almanac

Grade Level: First / Second grade
Approximate time: 30 minutes

1. The students will learn about what is in the almanac by looking through it during the introductory activity.
2. The students will learn about the uses of an Almanac by participating in the discussion.
3. The students will demonstrate their ability to use an Almanac by completing the worksheet.
4. The students will practice reading and writing by doing the Almanac worksheet.

Materials needed:
1. One World Almanac for Kids for each student
2. The Almanac worksheet

The Lesson:

Introductory Activity: As soon as the students enter the room they will get an almanac and start looking through it. They will find one thing that interests them and start reading about it.

Step 1: Each student will say what he or she chose to read about and give a brief description of what they read.

Step 2: I will talk about all of the information that an Almanac contains and the uses of an Almanac.

Step3: The students will complete the worksheet activity.

Extension activities:
1. The students can draw a picture of one of the animals that they learned about in the worksheet. They should emphasize its characteristics, for example a blue whale would be drawn very large because it is the largest animal.
2. The students could write a story about another animal that they enjoyed learning about.

1. I will make sure that each student found something interesting to read about in the Almanac by having them say what they read about.
2. During the discussion, I will observe and see that each student is participating.
3. I will check the activity sheet to make sure that everyone can use the Almanac and that they answered the questions correctly.

Animals in the Almanac Worksheet
(World Almanac for Kids pp. 18 -- 20)

1. What is the world's fastest animal?

2. What is the world's largest reptile?

3. What animal lives the longest?

How long does it live?

4. What do you call a baby deer?

5. What about a baby tiger?

6. How fast does a Grizzly bear run?

7. Of these five animals, which is the slowest?

8. What is a female goat called?

9. What animal lives only 1 year?

10. What is the world's largest animal?

11. How long does a rhinoceros live?

12. What would you call a group of gorillas?

13. A troop refers to a group of what two kinds of animals?
Ants and geese
Leopards and monkeys
Kangaroos and monkeys
Seals and swans