Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#2261. Rainbow nouns

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun May 20 19:44:25 PDT 2001 by Marcia Goudie (
Cave Elementary, Vallejo. Ca
Materials Required: Construction paper, stencils and scissors
Activity Time: 15-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Nouns are persons, places or things

Subject Area(s) Language Arts, Art

Goal(s) Students will identify nouns as persons, places or things.

Concept(s) Understanding that nouns can be persons, places and things.

Objective(s) Students will identify nouns by what color they are and place them on a rainbow in the appropriate place.

Prerequisite Background Skills/Knowledge Understanding what nouns are and the ability to associate them with the physical object.

Vocabulary/Language Skills Names of objects that are nouns, color words

Materials Colored construction paper, stencils- hands, flower or other shapes (this activity looks the best if all the same shape is used)Idea List:Red- stop sign, fire engine, cherry, apple, heartOrange- pumpkin, leaf, bus, orange juiceYellow- lemon, daffodil, sunflower, sun, chick Green- lettuce, pond, grass, frog, treeBlue- bird, shoes, ocean, eyes, skyPurple- pencil, monster, t-shirt, grapes, drink, plum

Classroom Management Students will work in their table clusters. They will have a supply basket with scissors, construction paper and glue to share.

Procedure Session 1 Open Ask the students if they have seen a rainbow. Allow the students to share stories. Then ask if they know the order that colors come in a rainbow. Discuss.
Body "Today we are going to make our own rainbow using words. We will brainstorm nouns that are a certain color and then using a stencil we will create a rainbow of our own." "Who can think of a word that represents a noun that is yellow?" Possible answers- the sun, school bus, banana. "Ok, now how about nouns that are words that are blue?" Possible answers- ocean, water, sky."You are ready to go to your table groups and brainstorm more words. Then divide the list up so everyone gets the same amount of words. Use the stencils to trace the shape and write the noun on the colored shape with big bold letters. Then we are ready to put our rainbow together. I have prepared an outline. When you are ready to add your colored shape, bring it with you to the back table."
Close As the students finish cutting out the shapes and gluing them on the rainbow pattern, ask them about the words they chose. Have the students stand back and look at the design created. Does it look like a rainbow? Let students comment

Assessment This is a self-assessing activity. The students will get input from their tablemates and the teacher on whether or not the words they choose are nouns. The teacher will mentally note which words the students have chosen and how they justify them as nouns, as they bring the stencils to the rainbow to paste up.