Grade: Pre-School

#2271. Fishing for Foods

Building Blocks, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat May 26 08:18:35 PDT 2001 by Alicia Hart (
student, Heart of Georgia Technical College, Dublin, GA, USA
Materials Required: see description
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Teaches children Nutrition and where familiar and favorite foods fit on the pyramid

The children should understand the food pyramid and know which food group
familiar foods belong in

The children will identify each of the food groups
The children will match several foods to the appropriate food group
The children will color food pyramids
The children will be able to name the number of serving suggested for

food group pyramid for young children
"fishing rod" (dowel with string attached and a magnet attached to that)
food cutouts
fish cutouts (with paper clip attached to the nose area)
six small buckets labeled with food group names
coloring pages with food pyramids

Learning Activities:
A. Get children familiar with food guide pyramid. Name all of the food
1. Bread and Grains
2. Fruits
3. Vegetables
4. Meat, Fish, and Chicken (Protein)
5. Milk and Dairy
6. Fats and Sweets

B. Tell children the suggested number of servings for them to eat daily

C. Ask children what foods they like and tell them which group it belongs

D. Have children glue their one food to the fish that is on their desk ad
have them place them on the floor ("ocean") when they are through

E. Have each child come up one at a time and use the rod to "catch" one
fish and try to identify which group it belongs in (with the help of the
class and teacher) and put it in the appropriate bucket. Continue until
every child has "fished"

F. Review the food pyramid again, going over the names of the food
groups, some of the foods listed, and number of daily servings allowing
the children time to answer first
1. Bread and Grains- 6-11
2. Vegetables- 3-5
3. Fruit- 3-5
4. Milk and Dairy- 2-3
5. Protein- 2-3
6. Fats and Sweets- a little bit

G. Have coloring sheets ready and allow children to freely color their

Was fishing game effective?
Did the children have trouble naming the food groups the second time
Did the children pay attention throughout the presentation