Grade: Elementary

#2273. Clozing the Deal on Arbor Day

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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student at Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH, USA
Materials Required: pens/pencils, worksheet on cloze
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: comprehension


- After the cloze activity, the students will be able to identify twelve words having to do with Arbor Day.
- After the lesson using cloze, the students will have know the importance of Arbor Day by a class discussion.
- After the lesson using cloze, the students will be able to recite and use the words in context by means of a class sentence bee.
Materials Needed:
- worksheet on cloze
- pens/pencils

The Lesson:

Introductory Activity:
- Go over the date and the meaning of Arbor Day with the students. Show the importance of maintaining the earth for future generations. Talk about recycling and other ways of protecting the earth. Ask the students if they've ever recycled anything. If they have, ask what it is they have recycled.
- Step One: Go over each word that will appear on their worksheets. Define each word and talk about them. Some are more basic than others. (environment vs. leaf)
- Step Two: While each word is being discussed, put it up on the board so the students can see it. When they have all been placed on the board, go over the words as a class.
- Step Three: Each student will be given one worksheet.
- Step Four: On their own, students will fill the words in the blanks, using the word bank. The twelve words all have to do with Arbor Day.
- Step Five: When the students finish, hold an informal class sentence bee using the twelve new Arbor Day words. The student will say the word, and use it in a sentence in its proper context, and say the word again.

- If the students get done early, they may color the leaf or draw a picture on their worksheet that goes along with the meaning of Arbor Day.

The assignment will be graded according to accuracy in filling in each blank. When having the class discussion, observe the interest in the subject matter. Stress the importance of Arbor Day and observe the feedback received from students. After the lesson, the sentence bee will show if the students understood the meaning of the word.

Arbor Day Fun

1. The trunk of the tree is processed to make the ____________ we use in class.

2. Arbor Day is a great reminder of the ____________ around us.

3. The leaves of the tree can give us ____________ on a hot day.

4. If we are sick, we take ____________ to make us feel better.

5. When there are many trees together, it is called a ____________.

6. The ____________ we find in our houses are usually made up of wood or plastic.

7. We need to remember to ____________ our aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

8. Plants intake carbon dioxide and exhale ____________ through photosynthesis.

9. Arbor Day is a day set aside in the ____________ to honor the environment.

10. The ____________ went around cutting down all of the dead trees.

11. People usually ____________ their seeds in the springtime so that they will grow to blossoming flowers by the summer.

12. Trees' ____________ fall off in Autumn and grow back in the Spring.

Word Bank-Arbor Day

environment forest furniture leaves lumberjack medicine oxygen paper plant recycle shade Spring