Grade: Elementary

#2274. Star Readers

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon May 28 10:28:54 PDT 2001 by Jena Burns (
Cedarville University, Cedarville, US
Materials Required: A book, stars for each student,Pencil
Activity Time: 45 min.
Concepts Taught: developing listening skills

Title of Lesson: Star Readers
Grade Level: 2nd
Approximate Time: 45mins
1. The student will demonstrate the fact that they know what the plot of the story is by writing it on the star.
2. The students will practice listening skills, by listening to the story and then filling in the appropriate blanks on the star.
3. The student will practice listening comprehension by predicting what will happen in the story next.
4. The student will determine who the main characters are by listening to the story being read by the teacher and then the student will write in on their star.
Materials Needed:
Star for each child
The Lesson:
Procedures: Before the lesson write the words characters, setting, title, and author on the board.
Introductory Activity:
1. The students will receive a star and a marker.
2. The students will be told that they need to be listening to the story and they need to write down the characters on one point, the setting, the author, the title, and their prediction of what will happen next.
3. Read the story, stop to ask them questions to make sure they are getting the information.
4. Have the students filling out the star as you are reading.
5. If they think they hear on of the items that you are asking for have them raise their hand.
6. Through out the book stop to ask them what they think will happen next so they can be thinking about it and write it on the star.
7. After the book is finished go over each one of the points and make sure that they have the right thing written down.
Extension Activity
1. Have the students list the minor characters.
2. Have the students come up with other things that were important in the book and write them on another star.
1. Call the students up one at a time to you desk the next day.
2. Have them tell you all of the points.
3. They need to know the Title, author, the setting, and the characters.
4. Then ask them what the book was about.
5. The students need to be able to tell you three of the five things.