Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2279. Creating an AuthorCard

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jun 3 17:14:39 PDT 2001 by Richard H. Hoffmann (
Loyal Public School, Loyal, WI U.S.A.
Materials Required: word processing program and color printer
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: writing and literature

A unique activity for teachers who would like to
engage their students in a cooperative project.
Richard H. Hoffmann, a junior high English teacher
since 1967, has created this project for his 8th
grade students. He used a web site so that his
students could access the information whenever
they needed to whether they were at home and at
school in the classroom, computerlab, IMC, or
any area that included the Internet. In this
project, students can create AuthorCards, cards
that are reminiscent of the old Authors' card
game with a few unique additions. These cards
could also be used to make card games. The
AuthorCards could be used by the students as
authentic projects. If you'd like to view the entire
project on my website, please contact me.

It is always more fun to work in groups. That way you
can share the work load. Choose a Biographer,
Bibliographer, and Stylist for your group. The Biographer will
find the birth and death date (if the author has died) and find a
photograph of the author. The Bibliographer will find what
other books the author has written (if any). The Stylist
chooses the layout of the card, the size and style of print, and
does the typing of the product. All people in the group need
to work together to create a useful, attractive card.
To create your card, all you need to do is use any word
processor program such as Microsoft Word. Your card will
be 3 inches by 4 inches.
Follow these steps if you are using Microsoft Word:

# Choose page layout under View. That will give you a
# Create a table. Choose 1 column and 1 row.
# Size the width to 3 inches. Don't worry about the
length of the card just yet. You will size it as you type
and insert objects.
#Decide on a style of type you want. You can choose a
style right from the pull down menu, or you can go to
"Insert a Picture" and choose "Word Art." Choose a
style you like. If you choose "Impact," you should
choose a size such as 16 for the author and the title of
the book. For the birth and death date, you should
choose a smaller size such as 14. Going too low will
distort the words.
# Find a photo of the author if you can, and insert and
re-size it to fit.
# You can type the information in any order.
# As you type your information, you will see the length of
your card increase. After you have all the information
included on the card, you will need to re-size the type
and the picture to make sure that the total length does
not exceed 4 inches.
#After you have the card created, you can save the card and
print it. More suggestions are given on my website.