Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#2281. Animal Web Page

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jun 7 00:32:09 PDT 2001 by Barb Kingsbury (
Loyal Elementary School, Loyal, Wisconsin U.S.A.
Materials Required: reference materials, Web building software, computer
Activity Time: 8 class periods (45 minutes)
Concepts Taught: animals, research, writing, computer skills

This activity can motivate students to do a research project. After researching a animal, students use computer software to organize and create a Web site about the animal. The end product is published on the Internet.

1. Assign an animal to a pair of students. (Students may select animal themselves.)
2. Give each pair of students four, 4" X 6" index cards. Have students write "habitat" on the top of one of the cards. Write "food" on another. Write "appearance" on another and "interesting facts" on the last one.
3. Have students research their animal (use reference books, DNR fact sheets, Internet sites, etc.) and write the information they find on the appropriate index card.
4. Students will evaluate student-created Internet sites to determine what works and what doesn't.
5. Using a graphic organizer software program or a paper and pencil graphic organizer, each pair of students will create a map for their Web site. They should begin with a title page and add 3 pages.
Title Page - Include the name of the animal, a picture of the animal, and the first names of the student authors.
Page 1 - Write at least three sentences telling what the animal looks like. Include a picture of the animal.
Page 2 - Write at least one sentence about where the animal lives. Include one picture of the animal in its habitat.
Page 3 - Write at least one sentence about what the animal eats. Draw a picture of the animal eating its food.
6. Teacher demonstrates how to use the Web building/authoring software program. Explain pages, links,
graphics, text, etc.
7. Each pair of students will build a Web page about their animal using the software program.
8. Proofread and critique the Web pages.
9. Teacher links all the pages together, makes a directory page and publishes to the Internet.
10. Advertise so parents and friends know where to find the site!

For more information on the lesson or type of computer software used, please e-mail Barb Kingbury at