Grade: Senior
Subject: Art

#2283. Uncle Sam for the new milennium

Art, level: Senior
Posted Tue Jun 12 18:35:37 PDT 2001 by Ann Hale (
Serrano High School, Phelan, CA
Materials Required: Pictures of the Flagg version of Uncle Sam and others through US history
Activity Time: 3 hours +
Concepts Taught: Cartooning, caricatures, critical thinking, social studies, philosophy

1.Show pictures of Uncle Sam and discuss historical significance.
2.Discuss realistic portraits versus caricatures and cartoons.
3. Have the students brainstorm some ideas on what Uncle Sam means to them today.
4. Brainstorm icons, colors, objects that could show these ideas.
5. Students will then create their own Uncle Sam for the new milennium using a variety of supplies from computers to oil pastels to felt pens.
6. Guidelines:
a)Students need to keep some of the old icons (ie stars or stripes, beard or hat, etc.) so that the viewer can still identify the character as Uncle Sam.
b)Students will present their work to the class and will be able to justify and explain their representation.