Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#2289. Creative writing EA Poe

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Sun Jun 24 19:52:01 PDT 2001 by Carol Wilinski (
St. Bernard, Green Bay, WI
Materials Required: paper ,pen, copy of The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven
Activity Time: 2-3 class periods
Concepts Taught: comprehension of 2 of Poe's works, Utilization of Poe's writing style

Read and discuss The Tell Tale Heart with your students. Be sure to discuss ALL literary elements and Poe's style of writing.Students must have a complete understanding of the story. When finished with The Tell Tale Heart, read The Raven (in abridged form or as a whole), and discuss the meaning and style of writing that Poe uses: ie rhyme and repetition. Have your students create a poem retelling the story of the Tell Tale Heart in the style of The Raven.