Grade: all
Subject: Phys Ed

#2291. Four Square

Phys Ed, level: all
Posted Mon Jun 25 07:42:54 PDT 2001 by Nadine Meadows (
Kingdom Kids Homeschool, Watertown, NY
Materials Required: two long ropes
Activity Time: variable
Concepts Taught: non-competitive sports

This game is one I learned as a camp counselor..I do not believe that it is copyrighted or "owned".

Four square is a game that requires a large group of children to be divided into two teams. Played on a large field the long ropes are placed at opposite ends of the field. Each team stands behind their own rope.

In the right hand end of the rope each team has a prison in which the opposite teams members are placed.

To begin game...blow whistle... Each teams members run out or in based on their personal wishes.
Object to catch as many of the opposite team as possible...and send them to prison...
To catch an opposite team member you must be "fresher" than they are. The person to run behind their line last is fresher. If you are not fresher than someone chasing behind you line and back out and you'll now be able to chase them...and they must run.

Secondary object to get through to the other side w/o being tagged....then once behind enemy can run out and tag a person from your team and free them from prison.

The prisoners must start with one foot on the new prisoners are added...they move up...everyone must remain holding hands. As a team member get behind enemy lines...they must run out to the furthest prisoner to free them...without being tagged themselves. As long as they are behind enemy lines they cannot be tagged.

This continues as long as the children want to play. There really is no winning team.

The object is to teach children that the game is purely about fun...and the only way to have fun is to play honestly. If you are not fresher...admit it and go to prison if caught...otherwise the game is no fun.

This game is very busy, energectic and exciting when played with large groups of children.