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Subject: Computer

#2292. Powerpoint Guidelines & Rubric

Computer, level: all
Posted Mon Jun 25 19:40:01 PDT 2001 by RAY A. JAMES (

Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Tx
Materials Required: PowerPoint
Activity Time: 1 to 3 days
Concepts Taught: Rubric

Rubric for Assessment of a PowerPoint Presentation

Unsatisfactory (1)
Satisfactory (2)
Excellent (3)

topic discussion

Off task. No correct use of English. No references.
On task. Texts are paraphrased with correct English. One reference.
Covers topic in depth. Text is correct. Detailed discussions with audience wanting to know more. Good references.

line limit

No line limit. Too many words per line.
Follows 6 by 6 rule or makes it neat in appearance.
Uses a headline. Free of errors. Uses a framing device.

font size

26 for PowerPoint.
28 for PowerPoint.
30+ for heading and text of PowerPoint.


No appearance. No story or unity. No format.
Neat in appearance and presentable. Format to the left.
The story is descriptive and shows unity.

character development
No characters mentioned. No development of personalities.
The writer identifies at least one character with good ideas and character development.
The writer uses visual imagery of body language. The development of characters shows depth-revealing surprises in their personality.


No idea what the story is about or what must be learned.
The writer gives clues or reveals what the story is about.
The writer gives clear and organized examples of the subject matter.

point of view

No point of view.
The writer's point of view.
The writer with his references shares the same ideas.


No known author. No originality.
Author is mentioned. Shows subject matter. Appearance is good.
Author is mentioned with references. The title relates to the story. Attractive in appearance.

tone and style

No match of colors or design.
Good color scheme.
No errors.

Attractive design.

Unsatisfactory: Fails to develop PowerPoint in a way that is clear and organized.

Element is not presented in a way that is understandable. Development lacks completion.

Satisfactory: Develops the PowerPoint in a way that is clear, presentable, and flowing.

Development is understandable and complete.

Excellent: Develops, organizes, and assembles the element in a clear and presentable

way. The PowerPoint draws the attention of the audience. The element of surprise is not

lacking in any major areas. The topic discussion is well thought of and easy to follow.

Overall Grade:_________ Student's name:_____________________

27 -- 23= A

22 -- 18= B

17 -- 13= C

12 - 8= D

7 and below = F