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Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#2293. Car costs and spreadsheet formulas

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Tue Jun 26 11:28:25 PDT 2001 by Susan Kresge (
Governor Mifflin Middle School, Shillington, PA
Materials Required: Spreadsheet software, Internet connection
Activity Time: 2-3 42minute class periods
Concepts Taught: Budgets, Internet searching, spreadsheets

For a spreadsheet assignment, I will give each student a monthly budget -- say $300 -- to use for a car. Students have to use the internet to search for a car, a loan, and insurance to fit their budget. They must use a spreadsheet and formulas to calculate the monthly cost of the car. Students must also give a written description of how they found the car, loan, and insurance as well as what they learned or were surprised about in completing this assignment.