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Grade: Middle

#2295. Story Journal

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 29 19:34:43 PDT 2001 by Linda Luce (
Grapeland Jr. high, Grapeland, Texas
Materials Required: Spiral Notebook, Pen
Activity Time: 20 minutes (warm-up activity)
Concepts Taught: Writing Stories One Step At A Time

When students enter the clasroom they read sentence on the board. They must use this sentence in a paragraph (warm-up activity). Each day of the week there will be a new sentence on the board that they must incorporate into their story. At the end of the week they should have a complete story (possibly 5 paragraphs!!!!!). I count each story as one daily grade and the entire journal at the end of the six weeks as one test grade. It is interesting to see how their writing skills develop throughout the year.