Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2299. rubric for famous people in the state

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Central Elem, Tuscaloosa, Al, USA
Concepts Taught: research

Name:_________________________ Date:_______________
1. Selects a famous Alabamian. _________________
2. Selects appropriate resources and references. _________________
3. Designs a plan for presentation. _________________
4. Prepares a graphic organizer for research _________________
5. Brings needed materials to class daily _________________
6. Uses time wisely. __________________
7. Meets due dates. __________________
8. If done with a partner, both partners must
agree to complete the project together doing
equal amounts of work. __________________
1. Writes a research paper about the famous person
which includes the following information: Introduction,
Early life, Middle years, Later life, and Conclusion. _________________
2. Types or writes the report legibly in cursive. _________________
3. Edits paper for spelling and grammar. _________________
4. Prepares a bibliography of at least 3 sources. _________________
1. Creates a display board of the famous person.
(neatly lettered name, picture of person, artifacts
that represent the person, research report) _________________
2. Has a well-designed, neat project showing creativity
and originality. _________________
3. Work is done entirely by the student(s) in class. _________________
4. Is able to tell famous person's life story to an
audience. Plan on a 2-3 minute talk. ________________
1. Research paper, display board, and presentation
are equally evaluated in this rubric. ________________
2. Students will reflect on project in a learning log
entry. __________________
4=Excellent understanding of how to research.
3= Developing as a researcher.
2= Poor understanding of how to research.
1= This was not done.