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#2300. 1800-1860 research

Social Studies, level: Elementary
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Concepts Taught: research

Research 1800-1860

During center time and theme this week, you will have an opportunity to research information about the major struggles that went on within the nation during the period prior to the Civil War 1800-1860. All topics have at least one web site and you can also use other references. You will have a checklist at the end of this assignment to turn in .

My partners are__________________________

1. The Alamo

2. Compromise1850
3.Fugitive Slave Act
4.Bleeding Kansas
5. Nebraska Act

6.Dred Scott Decision
7. Indian removal
8. Missouri Compromise

1. Get together with your group and decide your topic. Let me know as soon as you have chosen it so no one else will have the same one.
2. Preview your topic by using the encyclopedia to get a quick overview.
3. Look at your website and use any other resource that has information about your topic.
4. Make a graphic organizer or outline .
5. Read the information first all the way through to preview it. Then go back and find your important information you want to include. Put this IMPORTANT information down as notes Now, you are ready to write a report, without your resources, based on your notes.
6. Write 3 questions we can ask the group. Make sure YOU know the answer. Make sure they are challenging questions you cover in your report, not just what, who, or when questions. Turn questions in to be typed or you may type them. Include your answer.

7. Be ready to share when you go into your new group. Be a good listener when others are presenting.

8. Take a quiz on everyone's questions.

9. Present your information to the other groups.

Checklist for Research 1800-1860
1. I cooperated with my partner. __________
2. I read my information first, then talked about it with my partner to make sure I understood what I read. ____________
3. We went back to clarify (understand) our information if we disagreed. ____________
4. I took short notes on a graphic organizer I designed. _______
5. I used my notes and wrote a report of my topic. ________
6. I wrote 3 questions I could ask my group about my topic and I know the answer. The questions are challenging, but not too hard that everyone who listens will know. ___________
7. I presented my information very clearly in my new group._____
8. I asked questions if I did not understand._______