Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2301. Book talk discussions

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Central Elem, Tuscaloosa, Al, USA
Concepts Taught: oral discussions

Book discussions in novel groups

All students come to the group with books, pencils, post it notes with questions or comments on them and paper.

The rules for Discussion are posted and reviewed:
1. Bring questions or ideas to the group which have already been prepared.
2. Everyone responds to each question or idea.
3. Ask new questions that come to your mind during the discussions.
4. Everyone has something of worth to add to the discussion.
5. Offer constructive criticism without put-downs, and give your reasons.
6. Everyone helps to find support in the novel when questions arise.
7. Compare books to other books, something that has happened, or your own experiences. (text to text, text to world, text to self).

Teacher group meeting form
Date: Student's name:
Brought book to meeting:
Prepared for discussion:
Participated in the discussion

Group evaluation form
1. Everyone in the group was prepared. Yes No
2. Everyone in the group shared. Yes No
3. Everyone in the group helped find support in the book. Yes No
4. Everyone's opinions were valued. Yes No
5. The next time we need to work on:

Checklist for Research 1800-1860
1. I cooperated with my partner. __________
2. I read my information first, then talked about it with my partner to make sure I understood what I read. ____________
3. We went back to clarify (understand) our information if we disagreed. ____________
4. I took short notes on a graphic organizer I designed. _______
5. I used my notes and wrote a report of my topic. ________
6. I wrote 3 questions I could ask my group about my topic and I know the answer. The questions are challenging, but not too hard that everyone who listens will know. ___________
7. I presented my information very clearly in my new group._____
8. I asked questions if I did not understand._______