Grade: Elementary
Subject: Geography

#2304. State Research

Geography, level: Elementary
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Concepts Taught: research


The name of my state is:______________________________________

Visit this website to find information about your state.
This will take you to other links about your state.

Send off an e-mail request to gather information about your state

Check the brochures basket in the room

Due dates are given at the end of each assignment and will be checked off by me when it is returned. You may keep a copy of this paper at your house and I will keep a copy in my notebook.

_____Page 1- Draw a map of state with capital marked with a star and the largest 5 cities marked with dots. Name the important rivers and mountains. Due :

Page 2- Write the capital of your state--include important information about the capital

Page 3- Write the governor of your state. Find out any important information about him, a possible picture, term of office, etc. Due

Page 4- Divide your paper into fourths. Draw the state flower, bird, and flag. Write the names under the bird and flower. In the last box, write the name of the state song and motto. Due .

Page 5- Name the major industries in your state. Be creative on this page-draw some of the products. Due:

Page 6- Name at least 5 points of interest for visitors and tell something about each one. Due

Page 7- Include an artifact from your state. For example, if you had the state of Alabama, you might would include a piece of coal or a small baggie of sand from Gulf Shores. If you write the State Tourism Dept. of your state and tell them what you are doing, they will send an artifact of some type. Due

Page 8- List historical landmarks in your state. It might be a battlefield or another place of historical importance. Due

Page 9- Make a list of facts about your state with illustrations. Due

Page 10- Name some important people from your state and tell what they are important for doing. List at least 5. Due

Page 11- How did your state get it's name? Find out the origin of name and tell about it. Due: .

Page 12- Does your state have a sports team of any kind? If so, list the name of the sport and the teams' name. Most teams will send some information to you if you write early enough. Due

Page 13- Name the major agricultural products of your state. Draw some examples of them or cut pictures out of magazines. Make your page neat.

Page 14- History highlights- write a brief history of your state. Include how it was started and some important historical information. This should be at least one page in length.

Now your book is complete! You will need to design a cover -VERY NEATLY, please.