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Subject: Games

#2306. Call my bluff

Games, level: all
Posted Thu Jul 5 07:02:20 PDT 2001 by DOUGLAS MOORE (
State, HongKong
Materials Required: True/False placard, strips of paper
Activity Time: up to teacher
Concepts Taught: Language/Vocab awareness

Put students into teams.
Teacher decides how big and how many teams there should be... depending on size of class.
(2 teams consisting of 3 players is ideal)


Write word on board.
Elicit/Check Pronunciation.
Team A has 3 strips of paper each with different explanations to meaning of vocab.
Each team member reads sentences.
team B discuss & choose which one they think is correct and tell the teacher.
Team A show placard True/False
Give points to correct answers.

Then B takes their turn. So on & so forth.



A teetotaller is a person who drinks tea.

A teetotaller is a person who never drinks alcohol.

A teetotaller is a person who can not count.

So that is this English language game.

If you don't know the answer take a guess, check a dictionary & see if you are correct.