Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#231. Letter recognition

Language, level: Elementary
Posted by Sheila Slater (
Priory Primary School, Hull, England.
Materials Required: Large Sheet of white paper, simple dictionaries, pupil paper, pencils and crayons
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: To be able to recognise that words are made up of letters which help us to read words

Introduction: introduce the letter which you are going to focus upon.

Development: ask the children to think of any words they know which begin with the letter sound.
As they volunteer their information, draw the picture and write the word naming the picture.
Try to have about twelve examples from the children, but encourage them to use the dictionary to help them if they are stuck.
Read the words aloud with the class.

Activity: Most able children - use the dictionaries to draw and write the word for themselves.
Middle ability children - copy from the large sheet of paper used as class lesson.
Less able children - write the letter for them and ask them to write a whole line of the letter.
then ask them to draw pictures of things beginning with the letter.
Finally: The children read the word and/or describe the picture back to you.
They may colour their work.