Grade: Pre-School

#2311. Kindergarten Pictionary

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Jul 11 18:45:02 PDT 2001 by Cheryl Menzella (
Lindbergh School, Palisades Park U.S.A
Materials Required: 26 blank story book papers (cut to your preferance)
Activity Time: as little as 15 minutes a week
Concepts Taught: vocabulary, print to meaning, abc order

Give each child in your class a book of 26 pages. As you finish a letter brainstorm a list of 5 words that begin with that letter.Draw the suggestions on the chalkboard. The children will then draw and write the words in their own books. You can come up with a great cover to make this a memory book and add the class names to each page.I only started last year and it was a great success. You may wish to make specific books such as an animal pictionary, things we see, etc.