Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Phys Ed

#2312. Funny Lights

Phys Ed, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Feb 20 00:21:04 PST 2002 by kate baloyo (
PE Teacher-Bangkok, Thailand
Activity Time: 10 minutes

I first tried this game with the younger kids ( aged 3 to 4) and gave them simple instructions, telling them to run when i say Green Light, to stop when I sa Red Light, and to walk when I say Yellow lights. It was fun but when i tried it out with the older kids (aged 5 to 7), they seemed a little bored with it. So right then and there, I had decided to add some additionals in the game.

I asked the kids to run when I say Green Light and then they have to Stop and MAKE A FUNNY FACE when I say RED LIGHT. The teacher then chooses a child with the funniest face. The chosen child should remain facing as the other kids look at his or her funny face.

This game proved to be a lot of fun for all the kids. Ples it also helps them feel more candid abput themselves and more relaxed with others.