Grade: Middle

#2313. WebQuest Texas

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Mon Jul 16 16:55:34 PDT 2001 by Cynthia Krohn (
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Patrick henry Middle School (Houston ISD), Houston, TX, US
Materials Required: Computer(s) with Internet access
Activity Time: 10 (45) minute class periods or 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Review of Geography of Texas

The purpose of this unit is to combine technology and the content of 7th grade Texas social studies into a challenging and enjoyable end-of-year student project. Texas is a big state with a rich heritage and culture that is worth a second look before we leave. Please refer to "Teacher Pages" for specific instructional information. Great care has gone into choosing the web sites for this unit, but it is highly suggested that all teachers visit each web site and review school district policy for Internet use before actually using Web Quest Texas with students.