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Posted Tue Jul 17 10:44:59 PDT 2001 by Colleen ().
Teaching is a Work of Heart
Materials Required: Folders
Concepts Taught: Organization

Here I have compiled the talks about the MOOSE folders.

Moose notebooks are a way to organize the things that you
need to send home on a weekly basis. I think the letters
stand for Management of Organizational Skills Everyday. I
printed out the basic idea from this site. Basically, you
give each child a plastic binder, I suppose the least
expensive that you can afford. Within each folder you place
clear plastic protector sheets. Each sheet is labeled for a
different purpose. For example one might say Daily Homework,
another might say Reading Assignment, Completed Papers,
Please sign and return, etc. They said it worked great and
the parents could see right away what needed attention that
night. They also had an example of the letter that was sent
home at the beginning of the year. I can't put my finger on
it right now, but like I said, I wondered the same thing and
found it way down the list on the postings. Hope this helped!

Posted by Tanya =^..^= on 7/06/01
Here you go. I copied this from the original posting which is
waaaaaaaaaay down on this board.
M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks (Management Of Organizational
Skills Everyday)
The M.O.O.S.E. Notebook contains the sections listed
below. Entries are made daily so please look at all of the
sections, especially the Parent/Teacher Communication
section in the back of the notebook.
Newsletter - Newsletters will be sent home each Friday.
Homework & Word Lists - This folder will contain work to
be done at home and turned in. It will also contain work
that your child has completed at school. When your child
has mastered a word list, this is where you will find his/her
new list.
School Notes - This folder will contain any notes form
school from our principal, school nurse, or any other
school personnel or organization.
Parent/Teacher Communication - This section will be for
notes between you and me. I will be writing notes to you in
this section. Please check it daily and I will do the same for
communications from you. Please remind your child that
this section is only for you and the teacher to write in. I
would also ask that you leave any notes that we may write
in this section so that we can look back and remember any
communicatins we may have had. Please put any money
that you send to school in this section.
Monthly Calendar - I will be sending home a calendar at the
beginning of each month. The calendar will have important
dates and reminders of special events in our classroom.
Monthly cafeteria menus will also be included. The two
calendars are in the clear plastic sleeve at the end of the
Tanya =^..^=

Posted by Patti on Jul-07-01 at 09:58 PM (EST)
A moose folder is an organizational tool to use in the classroom. It contain things such as: newsletter, homework, work completed in class, parent and teacher communication, school calendar, etc. I saw the idea on Teachers Net. It sounded really neat. I can't wait to try it. If you want more detail let me know. I will share the information that I have received.
Posted by Mary Ann on Jul-16-01 at 02:52 PM (EST)
Moose Folders sound very similar to something my school does. We call those folders "Thursday Folders". Every student in the school takes home their "Thursday Folder" every Thursday and returns it on Friday. Classroom teachers fill the folders with corrected work and important notices from the teacher and/or the office. We have found that by sending it home on one specific day during the week, the parents know that the folder will come home consistently on the day every week.