Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#2316. Multiplication Facts Drill (an online program)

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Tue Jul 17 15:48:43 PDT 2001 by Brett Taylor (
Multiplication Facts Drill (an online program)
Madeira Beach Middle School, Pinellas County, Florida 33708
Materials Required: Computer, Online connection, no downloads required
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: Multiplication Facts
Mr. Taylor's Multiplication Facts Drill

This program will give you practice with the multiplication facts.

For each problem, find the correct answer and click on it.
If you are correct, you will see the next problem.
If you are wrong, nothing will happen, try another answer.
Click on the list of multiplication facts at anytime you need to. Click "Back" to return to the problem you just had.
Now, just pick whether you want to start with the easy or hard ones and click on that one to begin.
The more you practice, the easier they will become.