Grade: Elementary
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#2318. I Am Special

other, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jul 19 16:47:02 PDT 2001 by judy hogan (
foster park elementary, union
Materials Required: butcher paper,crayons/markers, yarn, glue,
Activity Time: 45 min.
Concepts Taught: observation,classification,inquiry,communicartion

1.Student will use the senses and simple tools to gather information about themselves and their own uniqueness. In groups of 3 students teacher & 5/6 parent volunteers will trace child's body on butcher paper. Child will color in eyes, clothing, and use yarn for hair color or color hair with marker/crayons. Each group will share his/her own special characterisiics of size color, shape,etc. with class.
2.Student will compare characteristics of themselves by using descriptive language, making a class graph according to observable properties of themselves. (e.g. eyes, hair, skin, tall, short, small, large etc.)Teacher may display graph and child's drawing on butcher paper in hall, if desired.