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#2321. Abuela guided reading four blocks way

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Posted by Kathy/NH/2 on 7/11/01

Here is a three day plan for the story "Abuela"

Monday- skill-Questioning/Monitoring: After demonstrating with a think
aloud, have students use stickynotes to note questions they have as they
read with a partner. Code with "A" if they find the answers.If they infer
the answers, code with I. Put sticky with answer. Share.

Tuesday- Skill-Sentence/Paragraph Structure:Use Abuela overhead to do a "Who
did what?" lesson on pronoun referrents. have them reread the story in
playschool groups, stopping to see who pronouns refer to as they go. If
time, come together in a group to see if they can come up woth a
generalization about how to determine who a pronoun refers to.

Wednesday - Skill-Imagining/Inferring: Re-read the story. Choose one of
these quotes to illustrate, or choose another you like better. Use your
imagination and include lots of detail. "Abuela takes me on the bus. We go
all around the city." " We'd fly over factories and trains...and glide close
to the sea." "We could find the building where my father works. Abuela would
do a flip for fun as we passed by the windows." Students can't illustrate a
quote the illustrator already covered. Share.

Other ideas:
practice each group reading a certain page for fluency, then perform.
Application: Write the sequel- what happens after they get in the boat?
Read to identify story elements- setting, main characters, problem, evnets,
solution. Retell the story to a partner, or fill in a story map. this is
good to do before sending home a souvenire.

I'd work with nonfiction or poetry on the other two days.

Hope this was helpful.

Story souvineer:small painted wooden birds from craft store.