Grade: all
Subject: Language

#2323. Prepositions with Angel Babies

Language, level: all
Posted Mon Jul 23 18:35:49 PDT 2001 by M.Thrash (
East Central Alternative School, Decatur, MS
Materials Required: blackboard, paper, 1 crayon/marker each
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Use of Prepositions-relationships between nouns

1. Announce that everyone can draw a cloud. Draw a big ugly one.
2. Now draw an "angel baby". Draw a smiley face. Now put some type of
wing on either side. You WANT this to look bad!
3. Now ask students where the angel baby is in relationship to the cloud.
4. Erase cloud.
5. Draw new cloud in different location. What is relationship between cloud and angel baby?
6. Explain that the words used (under, over) are called prepositions.
7. Invite students to draw one medium cloud on paper.
8. Pass paper to left.
9. Display the paper you got to class (do from seat).
10. Draw angel baby and label the preposition shown. You will probably get many
of the easy ones - under, over, in
11. Ask students to find more prepositions (DO NOT TELL THEM
WHAT PAGE IN THE BOOK - you could hint about the index).
12. By this time, your artists are trying to figure out how to show
movement to portray past, into, out of (suggest lines, arrows,
small puff clouds).
13. Display art in room.
14. Discuss implied differences in meaning.