Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#2327. Seeing Myself in Books

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Aug 2 19:47:39 PDT 2001 by Lesley Taylor (
Spencer Elementary School, Savannah, Ga.
Materials Required: Hats (the kind they wear to church)!
Activity Time: 45 min.-1hr.
Concepts Taught: Reading, Writing, Main Idea (loads of others)!

Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of each literary piece read.
Introduce book by having students predict what they think the story will be about. Place a hat on each child before reading.
Introduce vocabulary words before reading Aunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes Later
(Baltimore, hats, hat box). Begin reading the book. After reading discuss as a group. Have students to write down 3 things they remembered about the story on writing paper. After checking each paper student will receive a crab cut-out that they will glue at the bottom of the writing. Will then complete a hat activity in which they must read each of the 4 descriptions and draw the appropriate hat on the individual. Example: John wants to ride his horse and pretend that he is a cowboy, draw the appropriate hat for John to wear. As students complete work, each one will come and take Accelerated Reader Test. Serve Crab Patties or Crab Cakes
Material: Hats activity (Teacher find four individual pictures on a graphics program: girl, boy, man, and woman to place on activity sheet. Put each picture in its separate square on one sheet of paper), pencils, crayons, book- Aunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes Later, Hats, Computer, Writing paper, prepared crab cakes (Mrs. Paul's Frozen Crab Patties) or your local seafood restaurant or distributor.
Activity p.34 (students orally respond and give answers written on sheet). Accelerated Reader Test will be taken (60-100% accuracy).