Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2328. Fashion Show

Language, level: Middle
Posted Tue Aug 7 09:52:57 PDT 2001 by Leslie Fuscardo (
Montour School District, McKees Rocks, PA
Materials Required: Any clothing that is appropriate
Activity Time: 2 weeks (depending on minutes of classtime)
Concepts Taught: To practice clothing vocabulary and have a good time!

First, I placed the students in groups of five. They had the first week to prepare their fashion show in the classroom. They had to decide what clothing they were going to wear, the music that would be playing while they presented, and to translate all the material that they would be saying. Their goal was to pick a person that would present all the material and would not be a "model". The other four students would model the clothing and they had 10 minutes to present their project. The speaker of the group had to describe the clothing that was being modeled in SPANISH. They had the opportunity to practice clothing and colors vocabulary. Also they got much practice with adjective agreement. The second week, I took the students into our auditorium so that they had the use of the large stage. They practiced they clothing changes and their translations. The final 3 days, the students presented their fashion shows. They had a BLAST! Many students who may have been shy had the ability to open up and make some friends. We all had many laughs and it was a wonderful learning experience. I videotaped all of the fashion shows and we watched them in class. This gave them another opportunity to evaluate their performance. The students took this opportunity to work well with each other and to share responsibilities.