Grade: all
Subject: Science

#2339. Reason for the Seasons

Science, level: all
Posted Mon Aug 13 19:24:28 PDT 2001 by Stephanie Deindorfer-Tomaszek (
St. John Vianney, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Materials Required: A small tilted globe (I found a sharpener globe at a teacher's store, yellow ball (tennis?) & cup
Activity Time: 5-10minute assignment
Concepts Taught: To teach the reson for the seasons using visual aids.

(After teaching the reason for the seasons to 4th graders, we ask several adults if they know the "reason." Most do not.) Students are given the kit above and instructed to demonstrate the concept behind the seasons after they "teach" it to me briefly). Students teach about the tilting of the earth and how important it is to have seasons. The position the sun which won't move. As students move the earth around the sun, they can show how it always tilts the SAME way. Therefore, sometimes the earth is tilted toward the sun (summer), and sometimes it is tilted away (winter).It's great because kids can teach what they know as well as use a visual item to demonstrate!