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#234. Setting up an Enrichment System

other, level: Middle
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Dear Sirs:

As a Resource Room Teacher at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair, NJ I found that I needed a motivational tool for my students. As a result I set up an Enrichment Program where students can earn incentives from local businesses for both academics and good behavior. After 5 years, I have recruited 40 restaurants in town that participate in our "Student of the Month Program" and 65 other businesses which supply students with food or a discount at the store for excellent grades at the end of the marking period. Below is the procedure of how I set up the program:

A. Setting up an Enrichment Program in May and June.
1. Compose a letter on school letterhead requesting food or merchandise for an enrichment program that you are trying to start up for your Resource Center students. Explain in the letter that students who either relieve an "A" for five weeks in a row or an "A" for the marking period will receive a voucher with the school letterhead on it in order for them to relieve their prize. Promise good publicity for the business, ex. article in local newspaper, school news, or PTA bulletin.

2. Make up the voucher for the program, and distribute them when a businesses signs up, so that they can keep accountable when a student comes to receive their prize. This also enables them to remember about the program as it may be a few months before they are visited by a student.

3. Set up a block of time for you to visit local stores and to get them to sign up for your program. You may want to visit your Chamber of Commerce to get assistance for this.

4. As you get more stores involved, show the list to prospective stores to get them to sign up.

5. Send out a thank you to the businesses that have signed up, along with a copy of all of the businesses in the program.

6. Give a copy of this list to all of the appropriate people in your building. ex. Principal, Vice Principal, etc.

B. Setting up a Student of the Month Program
1. In addition to making up a letter for your enrichment program, also make up a similar letter that would attract local restaurants to support a Student of the Month Luncheon for two students and one teacher each month.

2. Visit local restaurants to speak with either a manager or owner about your program. Again promise good publicity for the restaurant such as a letter to the local newspaper, school newspaper, or PTA bulletin.

3. As you get more restaurants to sign up, show the list to the prospective restaurants to get them to sign up.

4. Send out a personal thank you note to all of the restaurants, as well as a complete list to all that signed up.

5. Contact local athletic teams for tickets. These may be used in addition to a luncheon with the students. (I have received basketball tickets from the Nets, Rutgers and Seton Hall University).

6. Give a copy of your list to all of the appropriate people in your building. ex. Principal, Vice Principal, etc.

7. Send a personal thank you note following the students' visit and send a copy to the local newspaper for publication.

As a result of this program I have found further success not only in academics, but also in maintaining appropriate behavior.

Please contact me for more information.


Barry Schwartz