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Grade: Elementary

#2340. "Dicey" Dolch Words

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Aug 13 20:36:04 PDT 2001 by Jennifer Ryan (mickey_ryan45@hotmail.com).
Victory Worship Center, Lake Worth, Fl, USA
Materials Required: 1 die or number cube marked 1 - 6, sight word flashcards, poster board
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dolch Words

1. Draw 6 rectangles on a poster board that are big enough to hold your flashcards.
2. Label the rectangles with numbers 1 - 6.
3. Divide your flashcards into six piles and place them in the rectangles.
4. Student rolls the die. If he gets a 1 he picks the top flashcard from rectangle one, if he gets a 2, he picks from pile two, etc.
5. If the student can read the flashcard, he keeps the card. If he cannot read it, he places it
back on the pile.
6. If all the cards are gone from a particular rectangle and that number is rolled, then the student loses a turn.
7. When all the flashcards are gone, the player with the most cards wins.