Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#235. Sonics Math

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted by Kaleb Allinson (
Western Washington University, Bellingham, USA
Materials Required: Stat sheet for sports team in your area.
Activity Time: 25 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Multiplying whole numbers by decimals

Sonics Math
By Kaleb Allinson
Multiplying whole numbers by decimals:
This could be done with any team.
Goal: Students will be able to multiply whole numbers by fractions. They will see one way that decimals apply to the real world, and possibly consider more.

Students will be expected to pick a player and find the amount of points scored, minutes played, and rebounds brought down for the entire season.

30 Minutes

5 Minutes Go over rules of multiplying whole numbers by decimals.

10 Minutes Explain concept of points per game, minutes per game, and rebounds per game. Show example of how to get the points a player scored in a season. Current statistic sheets are preferable.

15 Minutes Let the students pick a player and then have them find the season totals of points, rebounds, and minutes played. Ask the students why you do not get an exact number for the totals.

Extra: Find out how many points the player scored per minute.

Sonics Statistics

Choose a Player: Player _________________

Find the total points they scored for the year.

Total Points ______________

Find the total minutes they played during the year.

Total Minutes ____________

Find the total rebounds made during the whole year.

Total Rebounds ___________

Extra: Find the total points per minute for your player.

Points per Minute _________