Grade: Pre-School

#2350. Feel and Find Phonics

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Fri Aug 24 13:04:58 PDT 2001 by Mary Jo Surges-Prokop (
Boise, Idaho
Materials Required: beginning sounds
Activity Time: 5-10 minutes

items needed: pillowcase, various household items

1. Pick a letter from the alphabet.
2. Fill a pillowcase with items which begin with that letter. Add several extra items that begin with a different letter.
3. Show the students the items and tell them the names of the items.
4. Divide the class into two teams.
5. One student from team #1 feels the items in the bag trying to find items in the pillowcase that begin with the letter you have chosen. If they feel and find the item beginning with the letter you chose then that team gets a point. Next, Team #2 gets a chance.
6. Every team member gets a chance. When all have tried the game is over.
7. Team with the most points wins!