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Subject: 4 Blocks

#2356. Chyrsanthemum GR lessons

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Dowagaic Schools Guided Reading,

Read the poem several times to build fluency. Have the student's insert their own name on the blank line.

Everybody Has a Name by Jean Warren
Has a name.
Some are different,
Some, the same.
Some are short,
Some are long.
All are right,
None are wrong.
My name is ___________,
It's special to me.
It's exactly who
I want to be!

Chrysanthemum By Kevin Henkes
First Day of School Lesson written by Judy Bussler and Elaine Bansen (Third Grade)

Before Reading:
Set Purpose --

What are the things that make a story?
Characters -- who are in the story?
Setting -- where a story takes place and when is the story?
Problem -- what is happening causing problems?
Solution -- how did the problem get fixed?

Today when I am reading the story look for the story elements.

During Reading --
Teacher will read the story to the students today.

After Reading --
Use the beach ball to retell the stories.

Other Activities Connected to Chrysanthemum
Students will make name tags.

Second Day of School Lesson
Before Reading --
Look for words or pictures that tells how she felt.

During Reading -- Echo Reading

After Reading -- Talk about Chrysanthemum's feelings. Everyone sits in a circle and you have a large paper cutout of a girl. Everyone gets the "girl" and wads or folds a piece of her. At the end, needless to say, she's in bad shape. Explain that every time they do this to her it's the same as saying something hurtful to her. Try to smooth her out and explain that even though she can be smoothed back out the wrinkles are still there, just like even though someone can apologize and be forgiven, the hurtful marks are still left on us. It was a big hit. I hope my explanation is clear, kind of hard to put into words.

Link this activity to OUR feelings and how we feel. Does anyone have any stories to share?

Working With Words link -- Chrysanthemum

Writing -- Write poems using The Important Book as the guide

Day Three --

Before Reading -- Discuss who are the characters in Chrysanthemum.

Miss T.
Mrs. Chud

Follow Guided Reading the Four Blocks Way directions for doing the book.