Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2358. Mrs Wishy-Washy cleans up

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Aug 26 09:02:48 PDT 2001 by Carolyn Stewart (
Ozark North Elementary, Ozark Missouri
Materials Required: four different types of detergent, water, pail, four scraps of an old T shirt , wooden spoon
Activity Time: 30 +
Concepts Taught: Using Literature to introduce science process skills

After reading Mrs Wishy-Washy, set up a science experiment board. Question: Which detergent will best clean Mrs WW's clothes after she gives the animals a bath? Materials: 4 detergents, pails or bowls, water, wooden spoons, 4 scraps muddy T shirt fabric. Controlled variables: amount of detergent, water, and swishing time, and type of fabric. Manipulated variables: Kind of detergent. Procedures:(You decide how you wish to conduct.. I let students take turns "swishing" for 5 counts.) Conclusion: ?? Have fun !