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Subject: 4 Blocks

#2359. Chyrsanthemum GR for First Grade

4 Blocks, level: all
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Hope College Four Blocks Follow Up,


Day One

Before Reading
Discuss that everyone has a name. Have the students each tell their name. Record their name on the chart paper. In books the people in the book are called characters.

Set purpose -- listen for the character's names in the book.

During Reading
Read the book to the first graders since the book is too hard for beginning first graders.

After Reading
Chart Character names

Day Two
Before Reading
Parents spend time naming their children. When the mom is pregnant, the parents think about, "If the baby is a boy maybe we'll name him ______." "If the baby is a girl then maybe we'll name her ________." Listen for why the parents named her Chrysanthemum.

During Reading
Teacher reads book.

After Reading
Discuss Chrysanthemum's name and how she got her name. Then discuss how student's got their names (if they know.) If they don't know encourage the students to go home and ask their parents.

Day Three
Before Reading
Did anyone find out why they have their name? (From yesterday).

Set purpose -- today while I am reading this story to you, let's list why Chrysanthemum loves her name. Listen for why Chrysanthemum didn't love her name after school started.

During Reading
Only read section on why she loved her name.
Only read section on why she didn't love her name.

After Reading this section
List on sentence strips why she loved her name before she started school.
List on sentence strips why she didn't love her name after school starts.

IF TIME on day four talk about how we treat people and the choices we make. IF there is NOT time on day four, do this on DAY FIVE.

Make a sentence strip that says GOOD CHOICES.
Make a sentence strip that says BAD CHOICES.

Read the sentence strips and decide which column the strip should go under. Encourage the children to give reasons for their choices.