Grade: all
Subject: Health

#2361. Be Smart-Be Safe!!!

Health, level: all
Posted Sun Aug 26 21:13:17 PDT 2001 by Patricia McDiarmid (
Springfield College, Springfield, MA. 01069
Materials Required: Index Cards, Large Writing Area- i.e. balckboard or easel size papers/chalk/markers
Activity Time: 30-60 minutes
Concepts Taught: General Safety Rules in a Variety of Areas

Students select an index card from a table which is face-down with a safety area written on it as they enter the room. Students are informed that they must think of a minimum of 5 safety rules they know related to their selected area: i.e. bus safety and when ready, go up to any segment of the blackboard or easel paper which has been placed on the wall and write their rules down after placing the heading on the paper or board.After ample time is allowed for all students to "write on the walls" making their own personal contributions, the teacher examines the created lists with the class, praising the efforts of the "author" and "brainstorming" with the rest of the class to expand the rules list to include other important rules - possibly trying to reach 10 safety rules for each area. Students could work in parteners or small groups for this exercise also. It is a great way to review safety with older children or a terrific way to teach rules to younger children. I have used this with 9th graders who often remember very little about bus safety as most no longer ride the bus to school! Other areas include: home safey, child safety, aquatic safety, sport safety, sexual safety (age appropriate please),playground safety, ATM safety, personal safety, fire safety, automobile safety, bicycle safety, etc., etc., etc.