Grade: other
Subject: Computer

#2363. Basic Microsoft Word

Computer, level: other
Posted Fri Jan 4 16:35:21 PST 2002 by Ron DeChard (
Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office, Mayville, New York
Materials Required: Computer with Microsoft Word Installed
Activity Time: 3.0


Lesson Title: Microsoft Word Course: Basic; In-Service

Duration: 3.0 Hours Prepared By: R.A. DeChard Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office

Method of Presentation: Lecture

Upon successful completion of instruction the student, without reference to notes, will be able to:

1. Initialize Microsoft Word using either the Start Button or a user created shortcut.

2. Create a new document with desired Word features included.

3. Save a create Word document to a desired user location.

4. Open a saved Word document.

Trainee References: Training Aids Required:
Computer Terminal
Microsoft Word


I. Starting Microsoft Word
-Start Button or Shortcut on Desktop

II. Pull Down Menus-across top
(Each feature coverage)
-File (Features Overview)
-Edit (Features Overview)
-View (Features Overview)
-Insert (Features Overview)
-Format (Features Overview)
-Tools (Features Overview) (Options/Save password)
-Table (Features Overview)
-Window (Features Overview)
-Help (For assistance always there for you.)
-Alt & Underlined for ease of opening.

Comp Check

III. Toolbars
-Overview of buttons
-How to add or remove toolbars (Using View->Toolbars)

IV. New Types of Documents
-General->Blank is your basic
-Other Documents->Calendar Creation for example.

V. Review & Questions