Grade: all
Subject: Art

#2367. Paper Plate Art

Art, level: all
Posted Tue Sep 4 18:14:58 PDT 2001 by Rebecca Pitts (
Chiefland Ele. School, Chiefland, FL, USA
Materials Required: paper plates, crayons, scissors, yarn/twine
Activity Time: 30 mintues
Concepts Taught: Fine motor skills

The following activity was done while reading Chralotte's Web:
*Spider webs- give students a large paper plate.
-color both sides completely black.
-cut slits around the "bumpy" part of
the plate.
-weave yarn or twine back and forth
through the slits, taping the ends.
-add a plastic, store-bought spider or
make a paper one w/pipe cleaner legs
to go on the web.
The kids loved this activity! Becky P.